About Swim Club Emerton

What is Swim Club Emerton

Swim Club Emerton is a small swim club with a focus on encouraging our swimmers to enjoy swimming, develop life skills and enjoy a fun and social experience. Most of our swimmers do their squad training at Emerton Leisure Centre, but we welcome swimmers who are training elsewhere as well. We run our Club Nights every fortnight (Mondays in summer, Fridays in winter), and we attend meets year round – mostly in the Swimming Metro South West area. 

How does it work?

We run a Club Night every fortnight – which is basically a small swimming carnival of up to 15 events. Swimmers compete at the Club Night and are awarded points for participation and for achieving personal bests. At the end of the season we hold a Presentation Day and give awards based on results through the year. Throughout the season we also attend Swim Meets – these are more competitive races in which our swimmers go up against swimmers from other clubs. As well as all of this, Swimming NSW and our area association - Swimming Metro South West - run a range of swimming development programs which encourage swimmers to continue to improve.

How much does it cost?

There are a few different costs to be a member at Swim Club Emerton:


Members of Swim Club Emerton are also entitled to a discount off squad training fees at Emerton Leisure Centre.

How do I join?

Registering is easy, just go to www.emerton.swimming.org.au and click JOIN NOW!

Summer Club Night at Emerton Leisure Centre

Summer Club Night at Emerton Leisure Centre


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